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What is a Residential Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system can be as simple as a one-room solution in your kitchen or a media room in your home to controlling up to 11,000 loads in the most elaborate of homes.

Lighting control incorporates intelligent switches, dimmers, and control keypads as well as other smart devices to set the desired lighting level for the task at hand. . .whether in the kitchen, family room, media room, or the whole house as you entertain. A single button press will simplify your life while creating a beautiful environment whether at home or in your office.

Lighting control isn’t limited to artificial light; the button press can include shades, drapes, and skylights.

Even the simplest of systems can offer remote access from your smart device

Lighting Control Systems - Simply Enhancing Your Lifestyle!

What is a Commercial Lighting Control System?

There are millions of wireless systems installed in schools, offices, universities and municipal centers around the world, back by industry-leading quality such as Lutron!  Proven technology that works!

  • Scalable
  • Meet both your needs and Code requirements
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Solve problems and adjust effortlessly
  • Easy to grow, simple to manage
  • Reducing energy consumption means savings money!

Creative solutions, creative results!

In the simplest of terms it ensures the client that they the proper illumination for various said applications included but not limited to primary lighting in a space, accent lighting, task lighting, and security lighting. Let Farney Electric design a plan that meets the required light levels in your home, your warehouse, your office, or your parking lots. We will figure out the lumen output, foot-candles, and the proper lighting source for your projects. Expect more!

What is LED Lighting?

Light Emitting Diodes are an extremely energy efficient light source that has an incredible life expectancy; anywhere from 25,000 – 100,000 hours.   Utilizing a high quality lamp it will provide a dimmable, consistent color that will provide years of maintenance- free satisfaction.

Not choosing the correct LED lamp could result in negative results creating inconsistent color, flickering, heat management issues, and substantially shorter lamp life. Quality never goes out of style!

What is Home Automation?

Automating the daily regular functions within the home gives you the ability to turn on and off the exterior lights based on sunset, sunrise, and timing features. Progressively dimming lights down late in the evening to save electricity also dramatically extends incandescent lamp-life thereby saving money on maintenance costs.

It also creates the ability to run programs on thermostats based on your lifestyle. There is no need to cool the house all summer long to 72 for the 10 hours you are away at work. Ramp the thermostat back to 76 when you leave and return it to 72 two hours before you return. Reduce your electric bill!  Do the same in heating your home during the winter. Ideas to enhance your lifestyle!

What is Systems Integration?

Installing intelligent devices that are capable of communicating with other systems within a home or business allows one system to respond to commands issued by another.

A few examples of Systems Integration:

Push play on the DVD player remote control and have the media room lights dim. This is accomplished by interfacing the lighting control system with the A/V system.

At sunset the front porch lights come on to about 35%, when you open the front door the lights ramp up to 75% for 3 minutes then ramp back down to 35%. This can be accomplished by interfacing the lighting control system with the security system.

If one of the kids opens a bedroom window and leaves it open for more than 5 minutes the heat or air conditioning ramps back a few degrees, until the window is closed. This is also done by interfacing the thermostats with the security system.

These are simple examples of integrating different systems within a home. This allows complete control with no effort or no action by you. Simply put, user-friendly! Connected Creativity!